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I don't know Urdu but have knowledge of detective novels of the Sub - continent. There is only one original writer - Ibn-e-Safi. - "Agatha Christie"
Ibne - Safi (Asrar Ahmad) was a great Urdu novelist, profilic fiction writer; creater of some immortal detective characters like Imran, Hameed & Faridi. Who ruled in between 50's, 60's and 70's in his particular field and Urdu could not has a match of him. His novels have the same interest and popularity even after half a century. He started poetry under the pen name Israr Narvi 1n late 40s and wrote some novels in 50s. He migrated to Karachi after partition in August 1952........................................................................More

Ibne Safi’s prose work can be classified into theree categories:
• Short stories and articles of humor and mockery
• Poetry
• Detective (mystery) novels

Detective novels are further classified into two categories:
• Imran Series : Imran as X2 the main character with his team
• Jasoosi Duniya : Col. Faridi & Capt. Hameed as main detectives.

For complete lists of both the series Click.......

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