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Ibne Safi is famous for his detective novels
• Imran Series (120 novels)
• Jasoosi Duniya (125 novels)

The main character of Imran series is Ali Imran as X-2 (detective) with his team as Julia, Safdar, Joseph, Black Zero, Tanveer and Sir Sultan (Home Secretary), Rahman Saheb (Imran’s father and DG - IB), Suleman his servant etc.
Click to download Imran Series selected novels in pdf.

The main Characters of Jasoosi Duniya are Col. Faridi and Capt Hameed with a blend of characters like Anwar (a crime reporter), Rasheeda (Anwar’s colleague and friend), Qasim ( Hameed’s friend; son of an industrialist, Jagdesh, Asif as police inspectors etc.
Click to download Jasoosi Duniya selected novels in pdf.

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